What is the basic process of going from an idea to the actual shoot?

There's no methodology to what I do, it's very random. Usually the idea doesn't come from myself. I don't just sit down in a room and have inspiration flowing in as I think up these magical storyboards one after another. Usually what happens is that I'm going to travel somewhere or I'm going to meet someone or I'm going to talk about something that will trigger a thought. Most of the time it's directly related to where I am or what I'm doing.

With me it always starts with people or a place. I'll have an idea with someone for the purpose of doing some thing. I don't shoot just for the sake of shooting, there is always a reason behind it, whether it's a technical challenge, or to add to a portfolio or to create something that would be marketable or whether it's to create promotional imagery for myself or a client. That becomes the driving force behind it, that purpose will dictate all of the rest.


And then you figure out what resources you have available and work using that. Once you know what resources you have then suddenly you are able to figure out what is going to be possible and what is not going to be possible and if you want to do certain things, how you can go about making it happen. Then I bring in my network. If I need help finding a location, or whatever I happen to need, I can reach out on social media, I can reach out to my fans - and this is the fun part of helping others is that you can reach out to other people and they'll respond to you.

I try to teach, to inspire, and I am very free about my knowledge, but at the end of the day when I need help in return, I find it. Recently I put the word out that I was looking for a metal forge in Montreal and I had random people coming up to me and telling me they might be able to help me.


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