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I have decided to take my photography away from the fantasy into the world of conservation. 

I want to start creating work that supports the efforts of individuals and organizations around the world trying to protect the world we live in - whether it's animals, people or places. 

I want to help tell their stories in an epic and beautiful way.

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    Daniel Britton

    I know I'm coming to the party a little late per the date of this post, but just happened to discover your work and highly admire your story and career to date. And to see you taking your art in this direction is not only a brave decision but also an extremely admirable one. Just last night I had a discussion with my girlfriend telling her that my goal was to stay true to my art, and that I want to make a difference with my art. So, all that to be said, thank you for being an inspiration man. Keep doing what you're doing.


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    Dana Barrett

    I have been following your work for awhile.  I was wondering if there are or are going to be any books of your work?  I love it, and think it belongs on my art book shelves.  Maybe one of all your fantasy stuff before you go off on your new adventure?  


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    Von Wong


    Glad to hear it! I just started a little project called the Impact Experiment where I hope people will go to chat about different impact-based ideas that they may have!  you may like to join!

    -> https://www.facebook.com/groups/theimpactexperiment/


    No book plans yet - they cost a lot of time and effort and I've been swamped!! 


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    Janice Hiller

    I work for a manufacturing company called In-Situ that designs and manufactures instruments to monitor water quality and quantity around the globe.  We work with agencies, educationals institutions and non-profits all over the world. I love the work you did for the Billion Oyster Project and would love to introduce you to other, similar organizations that are doing good work to protect our planet's water.  We need to create awareness around the value of our coasts, estuaries, rivers, lakes, streams and groundwater and what people can do to protect and conserve them for future generations.


    Janice Hiller

    Vertical Market Manager




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